Nansulate provides the ultimate solution for insulation and corrosion problems in all environments.

Award winning energy saving & asset protection coatings for Alaska's commercial and industrial needs.

Industrial and Commercial Insulation

Nansulate HH "High heat" and the new EPX offer solutions designed to reduce energy cost by 20% or more, they simultaneously serve as a corrosion protection coating and eliminate corrosion under insulation "CUI" , limit work related injuries, and offer fire protection caused by exposed equipment and pipes in commercial and industrial environments. These problems cost industry millions of dollars a year and can now be controlled with a single product with proven applications in power plants, textile facilities, oil and gas pipelines and hundreds of other applications worldwide. These coatings are fast becoming an industry standard and we are the only product that offers combined benefits in a single product. Click on product tabs to learn more about thermal insulation paint or for a complete overview on the new EPX go to

Oil and Gas

EPX- 4 and EPX -K Were designed to insulate, protect and prevent "CUI" corrosion under insulation on multiple surfaces in extreme environments. Used widely on pipelines and oil and gas facilities around the world EPX is fast becoming an industry

Reduce Commercial and Industrial heating & electricity cost by 30%

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