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As anyone who has a crawl space knows, they are not always as simple as they appear. Many people love having a crawl space to use for storage but there are many potential health hazards to this extra space. Find a clean crawls pest control expert in Tacoma here.

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While useful, the often damp and small nature of a crawl space can give way to the facilitation of mold and mildew growth. Even though many crawl spaces were built with ventilation to alleviate this problem, older homes are often still plagued by inefficient crawl space air movement. The regular movement of air, in which warm air rises, pulling cooler air upwards towards the center of a home, can cause mold spores growing in a crawl space to flow into the living areas of your residence. This can allow your family to inhale potentially toxic mold and mildew, a very dangerous situation contact us.

If you have a crawl space, installing a crawl space vapor barrier is essential. This simple procedure can keep your crawl space clean and your family protected from vapors and mold spores. A crawl space vapor barrier is essentially a protective layer over the surfaces in your crawl space to block mold and mildew from forming. Prior to installation, it is imperative that your crawl space is ready. Clean Crawls is a professional service that performs crawl space cleaning and attic cleaning in order to ensure your family will be safe at home. Clean Crawls will be able to effectively identify and eradicate mold, spores, mildew and any other potential infestations within your crawl space or attic in order to ensure your home is safe loan.

As most homeowners know, having a crawl space can create some extra responsibility. Purchasing and installing a crawl space vapor barrier can be essential to healthy living. Before installing a barrier, be sure to let Clean Crawls guarantee your space is safe. With friendly professionals trained to keep your home clean and your family healthy, Clean Crawls can help you fight your crawl space demons once and for all.